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The nervous system and emotions – how disease is created

An outline of the mechanics of the mind-body connection An understanding of the way the nervous system regulates bodily functions can give insight into how illness is created. The autonomic nervous system The autonomic nervous system (ANS) controls all those processes that happen automatically and which are not under voluntary control. This includes the functions […]

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Resolving the ISE in hypnosis

How to resolve the ISE and bring acceptance to the past (This article provides detail on Step 6 of the  process described in the Regression Hypnosis article on this site.) During regression hypnotherapy the first part of the session will be devoted to finding the Symptom Producing Events (SPEs) or the Initial Sensitizing Event, the […]

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Regression hypnotherapy – Why bother with the past?

Hypnotic regression has been criticised by some therapists as involving an obsession with the past. Why bother with the past when we live in the present and look forward to the future? However, this view misses the crucial point about regression and that is that we are not actually going into the past at all […]

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Regression hypnosis Part 1 – Introduction

The subconscious mind is the home of our emotions, imagination, and memory. Everything we have ever experienced is recorded there and is accessible to us in the present. Memories can be obscured by the simple passing of time, or they may have been purposefully hidden by the ego in an act of self-protection. Some memories […]

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Brainwaves – defining the different frequencies

The functions of beta, alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves in hypnosis The brain is composed of billions of cells called neurons. The neurons communicate with one another using tiny electrical signals. When the brain is looked at as a whole, these signals form patterns called brainwaves. With the invention of sensitive equipment to measure brainwave […]

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How to use ideomotor signalling in hypnotherapy

Working with ideomotor signals and the Chevreul pendulum The word ‘ideomotor’ refers to mind and to movement – communication of inner states (mind) using unconscious body movements. Communication is enabled at a deeper level than if it were limited to verbal expression. Ideomotor signals are most commonly set up using the fingers. The Chevreul pendulum […]

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