Ideomotor signals in self-hypnosis

How to set up ideomotor signals for self-directed therapy

Hypnotherapists often set up ideomotor signaling in their clients so that answers can be elicited from a deeper level of the mind than would be possible if responses remained verbal. But it’s not commonly known that you can set up ideomotor signals for yourself to enable communication with your inner mind while you’re in a state of hypnosis.

To set up ideomotor signaling in self-hypnosis, proceed as follows:

  1. Induce hypnosis using your favourite method. You don’t have to be too deep – the actual process of setting up the signals acts as its own induction.
  2. Now just wonder which of your hands is going to be the hand that does the communicating. Tell yourself, “Let the communication hand move to let me know which one it is.” Even if it doesn’t move or twitch, you’ll get a sense of which it is.
  3. Once the communicating hand is identified, we need to find the fingers on that hand that indicate “yes”, “no”, and “I’m not ready to answer yet.” So begin thinking the words yes, yes, yes, and tell yourself, “Let the yes finger move.”
  4. Once the yes finger is identified, do the same for “no” and “I’m not ready to answer yet.”

At first you might need to help the fingers along just a little bit – you don’t want to be consciously involved, but there’s a subtle balance where you’re just helping the fingers move, but the selection is being done by the subconscious. Don’t be afraid to try it. Once the link between the subconscious mind and the fingers is established, you won’t need to do any helping, the fingers will just move by themselves.


Ways of using ideomotor signals in self-hypnosis are explained in detail in the following books, which are reviewed on this site:

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  1. Kate Gladstone July 20, 2015 at 2:23 am #

    I can’t get a clear indication (or even a sense) of which hand is my “communicating hand.”

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