How to use the Chevreul pendulum in hypnosis

Using the Chevreul pendulum

The pendulum is an effective way of eliciting ideomotor signals. Interestingly, the patient does not have to be in a trance for this to work. The mere act of using the pendulum fixes the client’s attention and induces its own trance.

Establishing the signals

  1. Tell the client that the pendulum simply reflects very slight body movement in response to thoughts of yes, no, and ‘I’m not ready to know consciously yet’.
  2. Ask the client to hold the pendulum and think and feel yes-yes-yes. They can also imagine or remember a happy moment to get a stronger yes response. Note the direction of the pendulum.
  3. Repeat for the no and the ‘I’m not ready to know yet‘ responses.
  4. Now you need to ratify the signals. Ask a question with a definite yes answer and then a definite no.

Tip: If there is no response or a very weak response, make sure the client is not resting her elbow on anything. If the elbow is free it will enable any signals to be magnified.

Practical application of the pendulum

See these articles for more on how to put the pendulum and other ideomotor techniques into practice:

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