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Setting up ideomotor finger signals

How to set up ideomotor finger signalling in hypnosis Definition: Ideomotor – Involuntary, subconsciously produced movement of the body in response to a thought, feeling, or idea. Generally used to enable communication at a deeper level than is possible with verbal expression. The client should be in a light state of trance. Have them rest […]

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How to use ideomotor signalling in hypnotherapy

Working with ideomotor signals and the Chevreul pendulum The word ‘ideomotor’ refers to mind and to movement – communication of inner states (mind) using unconscious body movements. Communication is enabled at a deeper level than if it were limited to verbal expression. Ideomotor signals are most commonly set up using the fingers. The Chevreul pendulum […]

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How to use the Chevreul pendulum in hypnosis

Using the Chevreul pendulum The pendulum is an effective way of eliciting ideomotor signals. Interestingly, the patient does not have to be in a trance for this to work. The mere act of using the pendulum fixes the client’s attention and induces its own trance. Establishing the signals Tell the client that the pendulum simply […]

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