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The nervous system and emotions – how disease is created

An outline of the mechanics of the mind-body connection An understanding of the way the nervous system regulates bodily functions can give insight into how illness is created. The autonomic nervous system The autonomic nervous system (ANS) controls all those processes that happen automatically and which are not under voluntary control. This includes the functions […]

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What is brainwave entrainment?

How brainwave entrainment works in hypnosis Entrainment is a principle in physics that says that when two or more rhythmically moving objects are within range of each other they will tend to synchronize their cycles. The effect was first observed by the scientist Christiaan Huygens more than 300 years ago when he put two unsynchronized […]

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Brainwaves – defining the different frequencies

The functions of beta, alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves in hypnosis The brain is composed of billions of cells called neurons. The neurons communicate with one another using tiny electrical signals. When the brain is looked at as a whole, these signals form patterns called brainwaves. With the invention of sensitive equipment to measure brainwave […]

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On the efficacy of authoritative suggestions

Authoritative suggestions in hypnosis Is it enough to simply put someone into a trance and then provide them with positive suggestions? Here’s a perspective from Milton Erickson (Quoted in Cheek & Rossi: Mind Body Therapy, p. 14): The induction and maintenance of a trance serves to provide a special psychological state in which patients can […]

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