Background Music for Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis – 3 Good Reasons to Use It

By Russel Brownlee

Picture the scene… you’ve got a client in a nice state of trance and now you want to sit back for a moment and allow them the space to do some inner processing. The problem is, as soon as you stop talking there’s this long, uncomfortable silence. Wouldn’t it be great to have some gentle music in the background to hold the space and create a sense of safety and privacy for the client?

Good hypnotherapy music can create a comfortable blanket of sound that lets the client know they can relax and focus their attention on their subconscious processes.

Why use hypnotherapy music?

Nobody can claim that using ambient background music is essential to a hypnotherapy session, but there are at least three good reasons why you might find this music a good partner and ally in your work:

  1. it enables you, as the therapist, to relax and to rest when the client is in a state of trance
  2. it creates a sense of privacy for the client to focus their attention on their inner processes
  3. the positive resonance of the music acts as a hypnotic suggestion for the client to relax more deeply

When a client is in a deep state and is processing emotions, the last thing you want is for them to begin to feel self-conscious and awkward. Some gentle music in the background can help create a sense of privacy for them and encourage them to open up more.

The aim of hypnotherapy music is not necessarily to induce trance — rather it is to maintain and deepen existing states of relaxation and inward focus. The music actually acts as a kind of indirect hypnotic suggestion to the client to relax, and as hypnotherapists know — it’s those indirect suggestions that really get into the subconscious mind and create powerful change.

What music works best for hypnotherapy and hypnosis?

Once you’ve decided that some background music will be a great partner in your therapy sessions, the next step is to find the best type of music. But warned — just because music says it’s suitable for hypnosis or hypnotherapy doesn’t mean it actually is!

Hypnotherapists need music that has these important characteristics:

  • It must be pleasing to listen to, but it must not draw attention to itself with distracting melodies
  • It must be positive and gently uplifting
  • It must be even-toned so that it is capable of being played at low volume without the quieter sections dropping below the audible range
  • tracks should be of a decent length to cut down on the silences between tracks

Using good ambient music for hypnotherapy and other modalities like reiki and bodywork is a great way to allow both you and your client to relax more deeply and to open the mind and heart to positive and transformative states of being.

Russel Brownlee is a certified hypnotherapist and creator of the Ambient Therapy range of music for hypnotherapy, reiki and mind-body healing. Get your ambient therapy MP3 downloads and free hypnosis music track now at

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