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Hypnosis techniques and hypnotherapy resourcesWelcome to hypnotechniques.com, a collection of techniques and resources for hypnosis enthusiasts and students. Our aim is to provide helpful articles on the technical aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy – from theory and principles to treatment guidelines and suggestions.

What is hypnosis really?

There are many technical definitions, but at its simplest it is really just the creation of a relaxed state of being in which the mind stops multitasking and begins to focus on one particular point. Normally, our minds are thinking about 101 differing things in rapid succession and the body is in varying degress of stress. This is useful when we have to multitask, but not so useful when we want a lazer sharp focus on one thing.

In a hypnotic trance, the mind realises it can stop the multitasking and can just rest in a calm and alert state, waiting for direction from the hypnosis professional. If the subject is directed to pay attention to a certain emotion, for instance, they will find that they are able to focus all their awareness there and will be receptive to the inner impressions that arise. Basically, the inner censor – also known as the critical faculty – has been bypassed. This means that positive suggestions are now more readily received by the subconscious mind and are not rejected by the censor.

Of course, the subject still remains in ultimate control, and any instruction by the hypnotist that does not align with the subject’s deeper intentions will be rejected.

That’s my non-technical explanation of hypnosis, and you might have your own interpretation. There’s only one rule in the end – do what works, and act in the best interest of all involved.

Enjoy the site, and happy hypnotising!




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